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Allow us to provide strategic advice that you can understand as you work towards developing business and personal financial goals.

Our process in centered around you.

Wealth Management and Financial Planning is an on-going process, just as your financial plan is a living document. It is an ongoing process of strategic advice while you go through the many stages of life.  We feel strongly that most individuals should have a financial plan. Often, many of us go too long without one. Whether you’re considering a plan for retirement, education funding for your children, or estate planning, it’s important that you tie all these events together to come up with a big picture game plan. Then ultimately this plan will be reflected in how your portfolio is managed.

At the beginning of our wealth management collaboration, we’ll gather information about your circumstances, listen to your concerns, and learn about your aspirations for the future. Mapping out the score for a financial plan often begins by delving into the flow of current and future distributions, annual giving needs, and the remainder trust distribution of various trusts, foundation, retirement, and personal accounts. By focusing on what is important to you, we’ll work to develop sophisticated, tailor-made solutions that carry you and your family forward.

The following are a few techniques we’ll employ while designing your ideal Wealth Management plan:

  • Defining Your Legacy: Thoughtful planning can help ensure your wealth is a source of satisfaction and opportunity
  • Preparing for the Next Generation: Family wealth stewardship and education
  • Engaging in Philanthropy: Maximize charitable gifting through thoughtful planning
  • Uncovering Tax-Planning Opportunities: Coordinate with other professional advisors to maximize tax savings
  • Structuring and Protecting Assets: Asset protection strategies and insurance planning
  • Coordinating Trust and Estate Planning Services: Coordination of various estate planning tools and assets to maximize benefits
  • Personal Finance Issues: Debt strategies, education funding, retirement transition
Carnegie financial planning and wealth planning services process

“People are not concerned simply with transferring financial assets. They’re interested in how their wealth will affect the lives of their family.”
Gary P. Wagner, Principal of Carnegie Investment Counsel


Gary’s Guide to Hiring a Financial Advisor

The investment industry has created a confusing and complex myriad of choices for you to consider. It can be a challenge to understand who has your best interest in mind. That said, finding a trusted and competent financial advisor can be one of the most rewarding aspects of investing.

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