Custom Portfolio Management

Our custom portfolio management services help clients throughout their lives and evolve as financial goals begin to change. Our services support a multitude of clients.

Every portfolio is unique at Carnegie.

Custom Portfolio Management is a focus at Carnegie Investment Counsel, and we believe that most investors want their portfolios to be just that, their portfolios. They do not want to be thrown in with the crowd, plugged into a pie-chart, or maneuvered by a robot or algorithm. They want a human they can trust looking after them and their families, and somebody who cares about them.

This is what we strive for at Carnegie; highly customized portfolio management and high-touch interaction with our clients. Our goal is to protect and increase client wealth and do it without conflicts of interest. To that end, we put ourselves in ‘the same boat’ with our clients by offering fee-only services…we do not accept any commission dollars or get paid in any way by third parties or vendors…you pay us strictly for our advice and counsel…we make more money if your assets grow, and that assures you that we are on your team.

At Carnegie we are also fiduciaries, meaning that, unlike brokers, we have a legal and ethical responsibility to act in the best interest of our clients. This is no small matter, and we take it seriously, as a core of our obligation and practice.

Customized Portfolio Cycle by Carnegie Investment Counsel Carnegie portfolio management


Principal Investment Philosophies:

  • Determine proper asset mix
  • Diversify among macro sectors
  • Determine appropriate position sizes
  • Focus on profitable companies with best prospects for growth
  • Keep transaction and other costs low
  • Manage for tax efficiency wherever possible

Gary’s Guide to Hiring a Financial Advisor

The investment industry has created a confusing and complex myriad of choices for you to consider. It can be a challenge to understand who has your best interest in mind. That said, finding a trusted and competent financial advisor can be one of the most rewarding aspects of investing.

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