William Anderson Wealth Advisor at Carnegie Investment Counsel in Cleveland, OH.

William R. Anderson
Wealth Advisor, Portfolio Manager

An Integrated Wealth Advisor at Carnegie Investment Counsel, William is also a part of the advisory team of the firm. He handles all aspects of investment portfolio management and client relationship. He offers advice to a diverse group of clients including professionals in academia, the medical and cultural fields, young families, divorcees, and retirees. He also combines his passion for art with specialized planning and advice to collectors.

Before joining Carnegie, William worked with Tower Wealth Management, the Proper Analysis, BNY Mellon, and Chess Financial. He also rendered his services for a couple of years in the financial institution of crime and liability insurance for Progressive and the Lindner Family. William received a Bachelor’s as well as Master’s in Finance from Kent State University. He was the youngest graduate of both programs for several years and also held the Wall Street Journal Award for the highest GPA in Finance. He volunteers his time in various roles at the Cleveland Museum of Art, The Planned Giving Counsel, and The Church of the Covenant, as well as serving on the Board of the Bird Foundation. He is also a member of the Board of the Bird Fund.

Office: Cleveland