James Jim Pease CFA Senior Portfolio Manager at Carnegie Investment Counsel in Cleveland, OH.

James “Jim” Pease, CFA®
Director/Senior Wealth Advisor

In March 1991, Jim became a part of Carnegie Capital Management Company as an Executive Vice-President. He is currently serving Carnegie as Senior Portfolio Manager. His 40 years’ experience of investment management enables him to work closely with diverse clients. He is also a member of the Carnegie’s Investment Committee.

Jim served as the Managing Director of the Equities Group at McDonald and Company Securities, Inc. for 20 years. The domain of his responsibilities included management of Equity Research, Equity Syndicate, Listed, OTC, New York Stock Exchange and American Stock Exchange Trading, Convertible Arbitrage, and Institutional Equity Sales. As a part of McDonald’s Management Committee, he was responsible for the administration and investment decisions concerning the firm’s profit sharing plan. Jim is a Chartered Financial Analyst. He is an ex-President of the Cleveland Society of Securities Analysts and a member of Association for Investment Management Research (AIMR). He is very active in the arts and non-profit community. He lives with his wife in Sedona, Arizona.

Office: Cleveland