Our Team

Our team is made up of the industry’s leading experts and specialists, each with unique backgrounds to contribute to our clients achievements.


Richard Alt

Principal/Chief Investment Officer

William Anderson

Wealth Advisor/Portfolio Manager

Ensign Cowell, CFA

Director & Senior Wealth Manager

Jodi Cowgill

Senior Portfolio Administrator/Trader

Marybeth Fitzgerald

Personnel & Client Service Manager

Linda Fousek, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Gwen Graham

Client Service Manager

Kyle Kopecky

Client Service Manager

Brent Luce

Senior Portfolio Manager

Mindy Mackey

Concierge/Marketing Manager

S. Sterling "Ted" McMillan

Director & Senior Wealth Manager

Arthur G. Merriman, III, CFA®

Principal/Senior Portfolio Manager

Douglas Pease

Trader/Portfolio Manager

James "Jim" Pease, CFA®

Director/Senior Wealth Advisor

Razmig Pounardjian

Portfolio Manager

Gary P. Wagner, AIF®

Principal/Chief Operations Officer

Sue Yeagley

Senior Portfolio Administrator


Stephanie Bush

Compliance and Integration Director

Thomas P. Carroll, CFP®

Financial Planner

Elizabeth Hammelrath

Office Administrator

Heidi Rose, CFP®

Financial Planner


Kimberly Gannis

Principal/Director of Retirement Services

Chad Warmbein

Portfolio Advisor

Keith Warmbein

Director of Participant Services

Michael Woomer

Retirement Plan Advisor


Scott R. Inglis , CFA®

Regional Director/Portfolio Manager

Gene A. Kovacs

Client Director

Howard A. Trauger

Managing Director


Debbie McCollum

Office Administrator

Micah McCollum

Client Services


Donald L. Haisman, CFP®

Senior Financial Planner/Managing Director

Laura Mock

Office Manager/Client Services Manager