Our Team

Our team is made up of the industry’s leading experts and specialists, each with unique backgrounds to contribute to our clients achievements.


Richard Alt

Principal/Chief Investment Officer

William R. Anderson

Wealth Advisor/Portfolio Manager

Bryan Blackburn, CFP®

Wealth Advisor/Financial Planner

Ensign Cowell, CFA

Director & Senior Wealth Manager

Jodi Cowgill

Senior Portfolio Administrator/Trader

Denise Delia

Concierge, Office Administrator

Kendall Exline

Client Service Manager

Marybeth Fitzgerald

Personnel & Client Service Manager

Linda Fousek, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Gwen Graham

Client Service Manager

Meg Halloran

Senior Portfolio Manager

Norman Klopp, CFA

Senior Portfolio Manager

Kyle Kopecky

Client Service Manager

Laurel Lawrence

Client Service Manager

Brent Luce

Senior Portfolio Manager

Mindy Mackey

Marketing Manager

S. Sterling (Ted) McMillan

Director & Senior Wealth Manager

Arthur G. Merriman, III, CFA

Principal/Senior Portfolio Manager

Elmer Al Meszaros, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager at Carnegie

Elmer "Al" Meszaros, CFA

Senior Portfolio Manager

Douglas Pease

Trader/Portfolio Manager

James Pease, CFA

Director/Senior Wealth Advisor

Razmig Pounardjian

Portfolio Manager

Peter Vanden Broeck

Senior Portfolio Manager

Keith Vargo, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager at Carnegie Investment Counsel

Keith Vargo, CFA

Senior Portfolio Manager

Gary P. Wagner, AIF®

Principal/Chief Operations Officer

Sue Yeagley

Senior Portfolio Administrator


Stephanie Bush

Chief Compliance Officer

Thomas P. Carroll, CFP®

Financial Planner

Elizabeth Hammelrath

Office Administrator

Heidi Rose, CFP®

Financial Planner


Kimberly Gannis, AIF®

Principal/Director of Retirement Services

Chad Warmbein

Portfolio Advisor

Keith Warmbein

Director of Participant Services

Michael Woomer

Michael Woomer

Retirement Plan Advisor


Scott R. Inglis, CFA

Regional Director/Portfolio Manager

Gene A. Kovacs

Client Director

Howard A. Trauger

Managing Director


Debbie McCollum

Office Administrator

Micah McCollum

Client Services

Paul McCollum, CIMA®, CFP®

Managing Director


Donald L. Haisman, CFP®

Senior Financial Planner/Managing Director

Laura Mock

Office Manager/Client Services Manager


Brendan A. Goldstein

Managing Director